Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Health Panel Weighs in on Benefits of Vitamin D

As per usual, nothing is black & white but always shades of gray when tit comes to health information.

Some of you may be familiar with Gary Null; get his take on this issue. 
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Health Panel Weighs in on Benefits of Vitamin D

(NewsCore) - Vitamin D, much-touted in recent years for its myriad health benefits, may not be as good for us as many believe, according to a report released Tuesday by the Institute of Medicine. According to the IOM, evidence for many of the health claims related to vitamin D is “inconsistent and/or conflicting or did not demonstrate causality.”
Gary Null's take: It’s time to push back against Big Pharma, and challenge the current stance they are taking against Vitamin D. As regulators are trying to tell citizens to decrease their levels of Vitamin D, they are overlooking or ignoring the important health benefits from this critical nutrient. In our efforts to push forward the truth and pertinent health information, we have collected an extensive amount of scientific articles and journals that advocate for citizens to increase their daily Vitamin D regiment because a large amount of the American public is actually deficient in Vitamin D intake which is contrary to the National Library Of Medicine's stance.